Stage 1 of Call 2019 - Networks - CLOSED
OPENING DATE: 9 January 2019
CLOSING DATE: 18 February 2019

EURAMET e.V. and the EMPIR members invite interested parties to submit network topics.

Stage 1 offers the chance for all stakeholders from any country to influence the projects undertaken by the European metrology community by identifying the challenge, problem or opportunity for potential network topics (PNT).

The highest priority network topics received in Stage 1 will provide the basis for Stage 2.

Stage 1 Documentation

To submit a PNT please upload your completed Word document (using the template provided), via the Stage 1 submit tab, by the deadline of 18 February 2019 23:59 CET

Call is now closed

In preparation for the Network call, EURAMET held a workshop in Berlin.

The agenda can be found here.

A link to the presentation can be found here: Support for Networks: Progress on developing EMNs

To EURAMET has developed a Strategic Research Agenda for Metrology in Europe. The current version can be found HERE

For questions asked in relation to Stage 1 of the Call 2019 - click HERE

The EMPIR Call Process Guides are written generically to apply to all EMPIR calls. Where there are particular numbers, dates, or options that apply to a particular call then those details are given in the PDF link below. Readers should start with the Guides for an explanation of the call process and refer to this PDF link when directed for the specific information on an individual TP or call.

Call 2019 - Budget and Features
Stage 2 of Call 2019 - Support for Networks - Not yet open
OPENING DATE: 13 June 2019
CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2019

Call is now closed

For questions asked in relation to Stage 2 of the Call 2018 - Networks click here

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