Stage 1 of Call 2018 - Networks - is CLOSED

OPENING DATE: 10 January 2018

CLOSING DATE: 19 February 2018

EURAMET e.V. and the EMPIR members invite interested parties to submit network topics.

Stage 1 offers the chance for all stakeholders from any country to influence the R&D projects undertaken by the European metrology community by identifying the challenge, problem or opportunity for potential network topics (PNT).

The highest priority network topics received in Stage 1 will provide the basis for Stage 2.

Stage 1 Documentation

To submit a PNT please upload your completed Word document (using the template provided), via the Stage 1 submit tab, by the deadline of 19 February 2018 23:59 CET

Call is now closed

In preparation for this call, EURAMET held a workshop in Paris to discuss potential European Metrology Networks.

The agenda can be found here. Links to the presentations can be found below:

1 European Metrology Networks (EMNs) - Beat Jeckelmann
2 EMPIR Call in 2018 (JNPs) - Duncan Jarvis
3 Essential climate variables - Céline Pascale
4 Ionising Radiation Effect - Jean-Marc Bordy
5 Decay data evaluation of radionuclides - Mark Kellett
6 Metrology for geodesy and surveying - Jean-Pierre Wallerand
7 Metrology of appearance - Gaël Obein
8 Agricultural Technologies - Richard Dudley
9 Optical fibre networks for T&F dissemination - Philip Tuckey
10 Advanced Manufacturing - Fernando Castro
11 Advanced Therapeutics and Precision Medicine - Helen Parkes
12 Energy Gases - Annarita Baldan
13 Flow metrology network - Emmelyn Graham
14 Nanomaterials characterisation - Georges Favre
15 Marine Reference Network - Paola Fisicaro
16 Nordic Smart Specialisation - Hans Arne Frøystein
17 Smart Grids - Gert Rietveld
18 Food Safety - Andrea Mario Rossi
19 Laboratory Medicine - Rainer Stosch
20 Quantum Photonics - Ivo Pietro Degiovanni
21 Mathmet - Nicolas Fischer
22 Metrology for meteorology and climate - Andrea Merlone

For questions asked in relation to Stage 1 of the Call 2018 - Support for Networks click HERE

Stage 2 of Call 2018 - Support for Networks - is NOW CLOSED
OPENING DATE: 14 June 2018
CLOSING DATE: 01 October 2018

Some countries have declared a strategic priority for inclusion in particular projects. Coordinators are requested to seek the involvement of partners from these countries. The list of priorities is HERE.

Selected Network Topics (SNTs)
SNT-w01: Support for a European Metrology Network for mathematics and statistics
SNT-w02: Support for a European Metrology Network for climate and ocean observation
SNT-w03: Support for a European Metrology Network on smart electricity grids
SNT-w04: Support for a European Metrology Network on quantum technologies
SNT-w05: Support for a European Metrology Network for energy gases
SNT-w06: Support for a European Metrology Network on traceability in laboratory medicine
Stage 2 Documentation
Guide 1: Admissibility and Eligibility for EMPIR Calls
List 1a: NMIs and DIs and, where known to EURAMET, the associated legal entities that can participate in EMPIR projects
List 1b: Country information
Guide 11: Writing Joint Network Projects (JNPs)
Template 11: JNP protocol
Guide 5: Submitting administrative data for EMPIR Projects
List 5: Checklist for Template 5
Template 5: Project Administrative Data (PAD)
Guide 6: Evaluating EMPIR Projects
Form 6a: Code of Conduct and Declaration
Form 6b: Payment to Referees
Form 6f: JNP Evaluation


Background information
Call Scope Networks 2018
Formal Announcement: EMPIR Call 2018
EMPIR Call 2018 Budget and Features
Horizon 2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreements (AGA)
EMPIR Model Grant Agreement Documents
How to submit
The coordinator should submit the following documents electronically via the Stage 2 Submit tab
  • Template 11: JNP protocol (as .docx file)
  • Template 5: Project Administrative Data (as .xls file)
  • Letters of support (collated together as a single unsecured PDF file) Optional
All eligible proposals will go forward to be evaluated by the referees with proposers attending a Review Conference. For more details see the Review Conference tab.

Call is now closed

For questions asked in relation to Stage 2 of the Call 2018 - Networks click here

The EMPIR Call Process Guides are written generically to apply to all EMPIR calls. Where there are particular numbers, dates, or options that apply to a particular call then those details are given in the PDF link below. Readers should start with the Guides for an explanation of the call process and refer to this PDF link when directed for the specific information on an individual TP or call.

Call Budget and Features: EMPIR Call 2018

Partnering meetings serve as a platform to build consortia to address a particular SNT. Partnering meetings are arranged by potential proposers at a host institute. Neither the host institute nor EURAMET are responsible for the agenda of the individual partnering meetings. Specifics of partnering meetings;

  • In principle all interested parties may attend a specific EMPIR partnering meeting but must register either via an online portal or by e-mail (details below).
  • Connections and partnering meetings are independent, registering an interest with connections does not mean you are registered for a partnering meeting. To register interest in a SNT click HERE.
  • Co-authorship of a (specific) PNT is not a precondition for attending a partnering meeting.
  • Attendance at a partnering meeting is not a precondition for joining a consortium nor a guarantee of a place within one.
  • If a partnering meeting is rescheduled the MSU and the original hosting institution must be informed.
  • The host institute has the right to close registration early should venue capacity be reached.
  • EURAMET have been made aware of the following partnering meetings.

    SNT Date Location Contact Information
    SNTs w03 28 June NPL, Teddington Information and Register
    SNTs w01 03-04 July PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    The deadline for registration is 22 June 2018
    SNTs w02, w04, w05, w06 05-06 July SMD, Brussels Information and Register

    To register interest in a SNT click HERE

    Please email to display your partnering meeting here (supply us only with a contact person and/or web address).

    In association with these meetings, training for potential coordinators and their assistants will be provided by EURAMET. Anyone who is considering coordinating a project in this call should register for one of the following eight sessions.

    Date Location Contact Information
    21 June BEV, Vienna Information and Register
    25 June CMI, Prague Information and Register
    27 June CMI, Prague Information and Register
    26 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    28 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    02 July NPL, Teddington Information and Register
    03 July SMD, Brussels Information and Register
    05 July SMD, Brussels Information and Register

    Due to GDPR restrictions the connections page is unavailable. If you wish to register interest as an individual or organisation for a Selected Research Topic (SRT) please follow the links below.

    SRT Title BEV - Connect
    SRT-r02 Traceability for contact probes and stylus instruments measurements Register interest
    SRT-r03 Measurements for outdoor air quality Register interest
    SRT-r04 Traceable measurement capabilities for monitoring thermocouple performance Register interest
    SRT-r05 Traceability of automatic level gauges in fuel reservoirs for legal metrology purposes Register interest
    SRT/SNT Title NPL - Connect
    SRT-h01 Metrology to enable rapid and accurate clinical measurements in acute management of sepsis Register interest
    SRT-h02 Metrology of ionisation track structure for characterisation of clinical hadron beams Register interest
    SRT-h03 Metrological challenges in multimodal bio-imaging for diagnosis and therapies of cancer Register interest
    SRT-h05 Metrology and innovation for early diagnosis and accurate stratification of patients with neurodegenerative diseases Register interest
    SRT-h06 Measurements of phantom and tissue mimicking materials for quantitative MRI medical imaging Register interest
    SRT-h07 Metrology for reproducible chemical imaging with sub - cellular resolution Register interest
    SRT-h09 Measurements for mitigating adverse health effects from atmospheric particulate pollutants Register interest
    SRT-h12 Measurements for screening and early diagnosis of lung diseases from exhaled breath Register interest
    SRT-h13 Radiotherapy coupled with hyperthermia - adapting the biological equivalent dose concept Register interest
    SRT-h14 Measurement underpinning theranostic approaches in cancer radiotherapy based on high-Z nanoparticles Register interest
    SRT-h19 Measurements to support translation of liquid biopsies into routine clinical practice for personalised cancer management Register interest
    SRT-h20 Metrology for emerging radiopharmaceuticals delivering high linear energy transfer radiation Register interest
    SNT-w03 Support for a European Metrology Network on smart electricity grids Register interest
    SRT-n05 Grid measurements of 2 kHz - 150 kHz harmonics to support normative emission limits for mass-market electrical goods Register interest
    SRT-n12 Determining new uncertainty requirements for increasingly stringent legislative HCl industrial emission limits Register interest
    SRT-s02 Traceability for electrical measurements at millimetre-wave and terahertz frequencies for communications and electronics technologies Register interest
    SRT-s03 Nanoscale traceable electrical quantity measurements Register interest
    SRT-s13 Realising the redefined kelvin Register interest
    SRT-s17 Realisation of quantum traceability for voltage waveform metrology Register interest
    SRT-s19 Comprehensive traceability for force metrology services Register interest
    SRT/SNT Title PTB - Connect
    SRT-h04 Metrology of automated data analysis for cardiac arrhythmia management Register interest
    SRT-h08 Quantitative MR-based imaging of physical biomarkers Register interest
    SRT-h10 Providing the measurement infrastructure to allow quantitative diagnostic methods for biomarkers of coronary heart diseases Register interest
    SRT-h11 Standardisation of concentration measurements of extracellular vesicles for medical diagnoses Register interest
    SRT-h15 Metrology for MR guided radiotherapy Register interest
    SRT-h16 Quantification of image quality in X-ray diagnostics Register interest
    SRT-h21 Metrology for advanced radiotherapy using particle beams with ultra-high pulse dose rates Register interest
    SNT-w01 Support for a European Metrology Network for mathematics and statistics Register interest
    SRT-n06 Precision space solar cell calibration Register interest
    SRT-n08 Establishing the metrological foundation for revised ISO 81060 and IEC 80601-2-30 standards by introducing dynamic verification of sphygmomanometers Register interest
    SRT-r01 Developing an infrastructure for improved and harmonised metrological checks of blood-pressure measurements in Europe Register interest
    SRT-s01 New strategies to establish and disseminate SI traceability for isotope ratios, the kilogram and the mole Register interest
    SRT-s04 Metrology for the next generation of modulated radio frequency signals Register interest
    SRT-s05 Graphene impedance quantum standard Register interest
    SRT-s06 Determination of relevant decay data to realise the unit of activity Bq for radionuclides with complex beta decay Register interest
    SRT-s09 Large-scale dimensional measurements for geodesy Register interest
    SRT-s10 Towards quantum-based realisations of the pascal Register interest
    SRT/SNT Title SMD - Connect
    SNT-w02 Support for a European Metrology Network for climate and ocean observation Register interest
    SNT-w04 Support for a European Metrology Network on quantum technologies Register interest
    SNT-w05 Support for a European Metrology Network for energy gases Register interest
    SNT-w06 Support for a European Metrology Network on traceability in laboratory medicine Register interest
    SRT-n10 Calibration and accuracy of non-catching instruments to measure liquid/solid atmospheric precipitation Register interest
    SRT-s07 Traceable measurement chain for textures on 3D surfaces at below 10 nm uncertainty level Register interest
    SRT-s08 Ultra-high accuracy cylinder and sphere metrology Register interest
    SRT-s15 Optical clocks for the redefinition of the SI second Register interest
    SRT-s16 Advanced time/frequency comparison and dissemination through optical telecommunication networks Register interest
    SRT Title CMI - Connect
    SRT-h17 Improved methods for activity measurement and distribution in patient for personalised nuclear medicine Register interest
    SRT-h18 Metrology for drug delivery Register interest
    SRT-n01 Improving thermal conductivity measurements of super insulating materials (SIMs) Register interest
    SRT-n02 Measurement of the focal spot size on X-ray tubes with spot sizes down to 100 nm Register interest
    SRT-n03 Flow metering of non conventional gases (biogas, biomethane, hydrogen, syngas and mixtures with natural gas) Register interest
    SRT-n04 Assessing energy performance of buildings under actual conditions Register interest
    SRT-n07 Traceable measurement methods for the characterisation of Analog-to-Digital Converters Register interest
    SRT-n09 Primary standards and traceable measurement methods for X-ray emitting electronic brachytherapy devices Register interest
    SRT-n11 Metrology for monitoring endocrine disrupting compounds under the Water Framework Directive Register interest
    SRT-n13 Improving validated methods for identification and quantification of titanium dioxide in nanoparticle mixtures Register interest
    SRT-n16 EMF exposure compliance for 5G and IoT devices Register interest
    SRT-s11 Future photometry based on LED technology Register interest
    SRT-s12 Self-calibrating photodiodes for the radiometric linkage to fundamental constants Register interest
    SRT-s20 New quantities for the measurement of appearance Register interest
    SRT-s21 Traceability of high optical laser power measurements via photon force Register interest
    SRT Title INRIM - Connect
    SRT-s14 Metrology for ultra-trace water measurements in pure gases Register Interest
    Review Conference for Support for Networks

    All eligible proposals will go forward to be evaluated at the Review Conference to be held on 6th to 7th November at the Novotel Monte Carlo, Monaco. The proposed schedule is

    • Registration from 08:00 - 09:00 hrs on the first day
    • JNP representatives are only required on the first day
    • Referees MUST stay at the review conference hotel. Registration/hotel booking forms will be sent to invited referees by the EURAMET MSU. An honorarium will be paid to each referee for attending the review conference. Hotel accommodation costs and major travel expenses can also be reimbursed (please see Form 6b: Payment to Referees for further information).
    • AGENDA

    Hotel and Travel information

    Novotel Monte Carlo

    16, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte

    98000 Monaco

    Telephone: +(377) 99998300

    Travel Details



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