Stage 1 of Call 2017 - Industry - is CLOSED
OPENING DATE: 10 January 2017
CLOSING DATE: 20 February 2017

EURAMET e.V. and the EMPIR members invite interested parties to submit industry topics.

Stage 1 offers the chance for all stakeholders from any country to influence the R&D projects undertaken by the European metrology community by identifying the challenge, problem or opportunity for potential research topics (PRT).

The highest priority research topics received in Stage 1 will provide the basis for Stage 2.

Stage 1 Documentation

To submit a PRT please upload your completed Word document (using the template provided), via the Stage 1 submit tab, by the deadline of 20 February 2017 23:59 CET

Call is now closed

The EU is considering how to support the Digitisation of European Industry. More information can be found HERE

EURAMET has developed a Strategic Research Agenda for European Metrology. The current version can be found HERE

Stage 2 of Call 2017 - Industry - NOW CLOSED
OPENING DATE: 15 June 2017
CLOSING DATE: 02 October 2017

Some countries have declared a strategic priority for inclusion in particular projects. Coordinators are requested to seek the involvement of partners from these countries. The list of priorities is HERE

Selected Research Topics (SRTs)
SRT-i01: Metrology for portable emissions measurement systems
SRT-i02: Traceable metrology for optical CMMs and quantitative microscopy in industry
SRT-i03: Photon-based metrology for future semiconductor manufacturing
SRT-i04: Advanced Computed Tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry
SRT-i05: Large Volume Metrology Applications
SRT-i06: Digitisation-ready metrology for drivetrain components
SRT-i07: EMC Intermediate Facilities for Compliance Testing in Industry
SRT-i08: Metrology for the dynamics of industrial magnetic sensors and sensor materials
SRT-i09: Metrology for the next-generation digital substation instrumentation
SRT-i10: Metrology for the next generation of modulated radio frequency signals
SRT-i11: Ultra-sensitive cryogen-free magnetic field sensors for industrial applications
SRT-i12: Compressed Sensing for dynamic and RF waveforms
SRT-i13: Metrology for real-world domestic water metering
SRT-i14: Metrology for cosmetic industry products
SRT-i15: Multifunctional ultrafast microprobes for on-the-machine measurements
SRT-i16: Metrology for the Factory of the Future
SRT-i17: Metrology for Airborne Molecular Contaminants II
SRT-i18: Translational metrology for synthetic biology and the manufacturing capability of the 4th industrial revolution
SRT-i19: Procedures allowing medical-implant manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with MRI safety regulations
SRT-i20: Development of measurement and calibration techniques for dynamic pressures and temperatures
SRT-i21: Co-ordinated metrology to support a European test and certification infrastructure for quantum cryptography
SRT-i22: Metrology for the photonics industry, optical component manufacturing and optical interconnects within data centres
SRT-i23: Metrology for Manufacturing, Installing and Characterising Smart Lighting
SRT-i24: The European Metrology Cloud - A Digital Quality Infrastructure for innovative products and services in the Digital Single Market
SRT-i25: Quality assessment of electric vehicle Li-ion batteries for second use applications
SRT-i26: Precision Time for Industry
SRT-i27: Communication and validation of smart data in IoT-networks
SRT-i28: Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement 2
SRT-i29: Industrial process optimisation through improved metrology of thermophysical properties
Stage 2 Documentation
Guide 1: Admissibility and Eligibility for EMPIR Calls
List 1a: NMIs and DIs and, where known to EURAMET, the associated legal entities that can participate in EMPIR projects
List 1b: Country information
Guide 4: Writing Joint Research Projects (JRPs)
List 4: Checklist for Template 4
Template 4: JRP protocol
Guide 5: Submitting administrative data for EMPIR Projects
List 5: Checklist for Template 5
Template 5: Project Administrative Data (PAD)
Guide 6: Evaluating EMPIR Projects
Form 6a: Code of Conduct and Declaration
Form 6b: Payment to Referees
Form 6c: JRP Evaluation


Background information
Call Scope Industry 2017
Formal Announcement: EMPIR Call 2017
EMPIR Call 2017 Budget and Features
Horizon 2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreements (AGA)
EMPIR Model Grant Agreement Documents
How to submit
The coordinator should submit the following documents electronically via the Stage 2 Submit tab
  • Template 4: JRP protocol (as .docx file)
  • Template 5: Project Administrative Data (as .xls file)
  • Letters of support (collated together as a single unsecured PDF file) Optional
All eligible proposals will go forward to be evaluated by the referees with proposers attending a Review Conference. For more details see the Review Conference tab.
For questions asked in relation to Stage 2 of the Call 2017 - Industry clickHERE

The EMPIR Call Process Guides are written generically to apply to all EMPIR calls. Where there are particular numbers, dates, or options that apply to a particular call then those details are given in the PDF link below. Readers should start with the Guides for an explanation of the call process and refer to this PDF link when directed for the specific information on an individual TP or call.

Call Budget and Features: EMPIR Call 2017

Partnering meetings serve as a platform to build consortia to address a particular SRT. Partnering meetings are arranged by potential proposers at a host institute. Neither the host institute nor EURAMET are responsible for the agenda of the individual partnering meetings. Specifics of partnering meetings;

  • In principle all interested parties may attend a specific EMPIR partnering meeting but must register either via an online portal or by e-mail (details below).
  • Connections and partnering meetings are independent, registering an interest with connections does not mean you are registered for a partnering meeting. To register interest in a SRT via connections and see who else is interested click HERE.
  • Co-authorship of a (specific) PRT is not a precondition for attending a partnering meeting.
  • Attendance at a partnering meeting is not a precondition for joining a consortium nor a guarantee of a place within one.
  • If a partnering meeting is rescheduled the MSU and the original hosting institution must be informed.
  • The host institute has the right to close registration early should venue capacity be reached.
  • EURAMET have been made aware of the following partnering meetings.

    SRT Date Location Contact Information
    SRTs i08 20 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    SRTs i01, i14, i17, i18, i21, i23 and i28 26-27 June CMI, Prague Information and Register
    SRTs i04, i06, i10, i12, i13, i19 and i27 27-28 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    SRT i29 28-29 June CMI, Prague Information and Register
    SRTs i07, i11, i16 and i24 29-30 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    SRTs i02, i09, i15, i22, i25 and i26 4-5 July VTT, Espoo Information and Register
    SRTs i05, i03 and i20 6-7 July VTT, Espoo Information and Register

    In association with these meetings, training for potential coordinators and their assistants will be provided by EURAMET. Anyone who is considering coordinating a project in this call should register for one of the following six sessions.

    Date Location Contact Information
    22 June BEV, Vienna Information and Register
    26 June CMI, Prague Information and Register
    27 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    28 June CMI, Prague Information and Register
    29 June PTB, Berlin Information and Register
    4 July VTT, Espoo Information and Register
    6 July VTT, Espoo Information and Register

    This web facility allows you to:

    • Register an interest in participating in research
    • Advertise the skills and or equipment you have to offer
    • Identify partners for your consortium
    • Receive email alerts when someone new registers an interest in the same area as you


    • It isn't compulsory to use this webpage, you can identify/ select your consortium in any way you choose. (Registration is however strongly recommended)
    • Registering your interest on this webpage will not guarantee you a place in any consortium

    Connections and partnering meetings are independent, registering an interest with conn ections does not mean you are registered for a partnering meeting.

    To register interest as an individual or organisation click on the appropriate Selected Research Topic (SRT) listed below.

    Show SRTs for Industry

    Details entered here will be publicly available from these web pages until the close of Stage 2 of the call (02 October 2017). EURAMET is not responsible for facilitating communications between participants beyond providing this meeting area. It is the responsibility of individuals to make contact using the details that are given by potential contributors, made available here.

    It should be noted that it is possible for more than one consortia to be formed from the interested parties, and more than one submission made to deliver a proposal. Projects are envisaged to be of such size and value that not all proposals can be funded.

    Review Conference for Industry

    All eligible proposals will go forward to be evaluated at the Review Conference to be held on 13th to 14th November at the Novotel Monte Carlo, Monaco. The proposed schedule is

    • Registration is from 08:00 - 09:00 hrs on the first day
    • JRP representatives are only required on the first day
    • Referees MUST stay at the review conference hotel. Registration/hotel booking forms will be sent to invited referees by the EURAMET MSU. An honorarium will be paid to each referee for attending the review conference. Hotel accommodation costs and major travel expenses can also be reimbursed (please see Form 6b: Payment to Referees for further information).
    • AGENDA

    Hotel and Travel information

    Novotel Monte Carlo

    16, Boulevard Princesse Charlotte

    98000 Monaco

    Telephone: +(377) 99998300

    Travel Details



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