Call for Needs (Stage 1) - Green Deal - Closed
OPENING DATE: 13 January 2021
CLOSING DATE: 22 February 2021

EURAMET e.V. invite interested parties to submit Research Potential topics.

Stage 1 offers the chance for all stakeholders from any country to influence the research projects undertaken by the European metrology community by identifying the challenge, problem or opportunity for potential research topics (PRT).

The outcome of the Call for Needs could serve as a basis for a potential partnership call later in 2021 for joint research projects and is subject to eligibility criteria which may open in the third quarter of 2021.

Stage 1 Documentation

To submit a PRT please upload your completed Word document (using the template provided), via the Submit tab, by the deadline of 22 February 2021 23:59 CET.

Call is now closed

EURAMET has consulted its European Metrology Networks (EMNs) for needs related to the EU Green Deal

EURAMET has consulted its Technical Committees (TCs) for needs related to the EU Green Deal

EURAMET has developed a Strategic Research Agenda for Metrology in Europe. The current version can be found HERE

The EC has published a policy brief on Industry 5.0

Important information about these documents

This call is being held ahead of any agreement from the Commission that the relevant funding will be available. At present the relevant legislation is still under discussion in both Council and Parliament, and there is no certainty on the detailed arrangements for funding selected projects. The funding of any selected project, and the terms and conditions of participation in the projects, are dependent on completion of the legislative process and the subsequent contractual processes between the European Commission and EURAMET. Proposers submit to this call at their own risk.


Last year, EURAMET submitted a draft proposal to the EC for a further research programme to be established under article 185 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) to follow on from EMRP and EMPIR. This was published by the EC at

The initiative would be called the European Partnership on Metrology and would aim to create, by 2030, a sustainable and effective system for metrology at European level that ensures Europe has a world-class metrology system that:

  • Provides metrology solutions, fundamental metrological reference data and methods, offering fit-for-purpose solutions supporting and stimulating European innovation and responding to societal challenges
  • Supports and enables effective design and implementation of regulation and standards that underpin public policies that address societal challenges

The Commission commissioned an impact assessment into this proposal and 11 others in similar priority areas, and, based on those findings, published their own proposal for the Partnership, their response to the impact assessment and a draft of the Decision on 23rd February 2021. See:

That draft Decision is currently under discussion in the European Council and the European Parliament.

Under the assumption that the Council and Parliament pass the basic act which would form the legal basis for this research programme, and that the participating countries named in the Draft Decision submit the required commitment letters, EURAMET is publishing these potential Selected Research Topics and draft guidance notes. These documents are not approved by the Commission nor will they lead to a binding decision by EURAMET e.V. for any further negotiation or funding. All published guides and templates are subject to amendment by the EC and EURAMET e.V. as further information becomes known.

Call for proposals
OPENING DATE: 24 August 2021
CLOSING DATE: 11 October 2021 (23:59 CEST)

To find a consortium planning to bid click HERE

For working meetings and training for potential coordinators click HERE

Some countries have declared a strategic priority for inclusion in particular projects. Coordinators are requested to seek the involvement of partners from these countries. The list of priorities is HERE.

Selected Research Topics (SRTs)
SRT-v01: Metrology support for carbon capture utilisation and storage
SRT-v02: Grid measurements to enable widescale renewable electricity generation
SRT-v03: Metrology for the harmonisation of measurements of environmental pollutants in Europe
SRT-v04: Metrology for the rapid and accurate characterisation of Lithium-Ion batteries
SRT-v05: Metrology supported solutions to understand and control antimicrobial resistance in the environment
SRT-v06: Metrological traceability of measurement data from nano to small-microplastics for a greener environment and food safety
SRT-v07: Metrology infrastructure for system efficiency and loss measurement for electric vehicles
SRT-v08: Metrology for multi-scale monitoring of soil moisture
SRT-v09: Metrology for the hydrogen supply chain
SRT-v10: In operando metrology for energy storage materials
SRT-v11: Metrology for hydrogen generation by photoelectrocatalytic water splitting
SRT-v12: Solar thermal metrology: Provision of accurate measurements to energy conversion, transport, and storage in concentrating solar power plants
SRT-v13: On farm quantification of ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions from livestock production
SRT-v14: Metrological framework for passive radiative cooling technologies
SRT-v15: Metrology for performance assessment and monitoring of photovoltaic systems
SRT-v16: Trustworthy and sustainable smart mobility
SRT-v17: Metrology for Earth Biosphere: Cosmic rays, ultraviolet radiation and fragility of ozone shield
SRT-v18: Metrology for European emissions verification on methane isotopes
SRT-v20: Metrology for data-driven combustion engine optimisation and flexibility using carbon-neutral fuels
SRT-v21: Metrology for mobile detection of chemical toxicants and ionising radiation in air in case of severe industrial accidents
Potential Partnership Documentation
Guide 1: Admissibility and Eligibility for the potential Partnership on Metrology Calls
List 1a: EURAMET NMIs and DIs
List 1b: Country Information
Guide 4: Writing Joint Research Projects (JRPs)
List 4: Checklist for Template 4
Template 4: JRP protocol
Guide 5: Submitting administrative data for Partnership projects
List 5: Checklist for Template 5
Template 5: Project Administrative Data (PAD)
Guide 6: Evaluating JRP Projects
Form 6a: Code of Conduct and Declaration
Form 6b: Payment to Referees
Form 6c: JRP Evaluation
Form 4a: Ethics issues self-assessment form
Form 4b: Security issues self-assessment form
HE guide on how to complete the ethics self-assessment: HE guide on completing ethics self-assessment


Background information
Call Scope Green Deal 20201
Formal Announcement: Call 2021
Budget and Features: Call 2021
Horizon Europe Annotated Model Grant Agreement
Horizon Europe Model Grant Agreement
How to submit
The coordinator should submit the following documents electronically via the Stage 2 Submit tab
  • Template 4: JRP protocol (as .docx file)
  • Template 5: Project Administrative Data (as .xlsx file)
  • Form 4a: Ethics issues self-assessment form (as .xlsx file)
  • Form 4b: Security issues self-assessment form (as .xlsx file)
  • Annex to Form 4a (as .docx file) if required due to answers in Form 4a
  • Letters of support (collated together as a single unsecured .pdf file) Optional
All eligible proposals will go forward to be evaluated by the referees with proposers attending a 'virtual' Review Conference. For more details see the Virtual Review Conference tab.

ALL meetings will be virtual (online).

Working meetings serve as a platform to build consortia to address a particular SRT. Working meetings are arranged by potential proposers at a host institute. Neither the host institute nor EURAMET are responsible for the agenda of the individual working meetings. Specifics of working meetings;

In principle all interested parties may attend a specific working meeting but must register either via an online portal or by e-mail (details below).

Connections and working meetings are independent, registering an interest with connections does not mean you are registered for a working meeting. To register interest in a SRT via connections and see who else is interested click HERE.

Co-authorship of a (specific) PRT is not a precondition for attending a working meeting.

Attendance at a working meeting is not a precondition for joining a consortium nor a guarantee of a place within one.

The dates supplied in the table below may be subject to change. If a working meeting is rescheduled the MSU and the original hosting institution must be informed.

The host institute has the right to close registration early should capacity be reached.

SRT Dates Host Organisation Contact Information and registration
SRTs v01, v05, v06, v09, v13, v14, v16, v18 01 July INRIM Registration
SRTs v20, v21 06 July INRIM Registration
SRTs v11 07 July LNE Registration and enquiries
SRTs v02 08 July LNE Registration and enquiries
SRT v08 29 June and 01 July PTB Registration
SRT v12 30 June PTB Registration
SRT v10 01 - 02 July PTB Registration
SRT v17 05 July PTB Registration
SRT v04 05 - 06 July PTB Registration
SRT v15 06 July PTB Registration
SRTs v03, v07 07 - 08 July PTB Registration

To register interest in a SRT and see who else is interested click HERE

Please email to display your working meeting here (supply us only with a contact person and/or web address).

In association with these meetings, EURAMET will be providing two different sessions to help support consortia. These meetings will be held using Microsoft Teams. More information on these sessions will be provided when you register for one of the above working meetings.

Coordinator training: There will be training for potential coordinators and their assistants. These sessions are open to all potential coordinators and their assistants and it is strongly encouraged they attend.

Date Timing Host Organisation
30 June 10:00-13:00 CEST EURAMET
5 July 10:00-13:00 CEST EURAMET

Working meeting briefing: There will be a briefing on the working meeting process as well as subsequent processes concerned with the call. These briefing sessions are open to all parties interested in joining a consortium and it is strongly encouraged that they attend

Date Timing Host Organisation
30 June 14:00-14:45 CEST EURAMET
05 July 14:00-14:45 CEST EURAMET

EURAMET will also be offering two additional virtual drop-in sessions which people can join to ask questions. These drop-in session are open to all parties interested in joining a consortium.

Date Timing Host Organisation
02 July 10:00-11:00 CEST EURAMET
07 July 11:00-12:00 CEST EURAMET

For general enquiries about these training sessions please contact

For questions asked in relation to Potential Partnership and the potential Call 2021 click HERE

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the review conferences for Call 2021 will be held virtually. This is in order to mitigate the impact of current and potential future restrictions on social movement and travel due to COVID-19, to avoid last minute changes and to ensure continued fairness for all applicants.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been produced to provide information on the virtual review conferences. The FAQ can be found here.

All eligible proposals will go forward to be evaluated at the virtual Review Conference. More information can be found in the Green Deal representative joining instructions which also contain the agenda and proposal groupings.

Please note attendance is STRICTLY BY INVITATION ONLY

For information about the Potential Partnership Call 2021 Budget and Features click HERE

Call is now closed

This web facility allows you to:

  • Register an interest in participating in research
  • Advertise the skills and or equipment you have to offer
  • Identify partners for your consortium
  • Receive email alerts when someone new registers an interest in the same area as you


  • It isn't compulsory to use this webpage, you can identify/ select your consortium in any way you choose. (Registration is however strongly recommended)
  • Registering your interest on this webpage will not guarantee you a place in any consortium

Connections and working meetings are independent, registering an interest with connections does not mean you are registered for a working meeting.

To register interest as an individual or organisation click on the appropriate Selected Research Topic (SRT) listed below.

Connections now closed

Details entered here will be publicly available from these web pages until the close of the call. EURAMET is not responsible for facilitating communications between participants beyond providing this meeting area. It is the responsibility of individuals to make contact using the details that are given by potential contributors, made available here.

It should be noted that it is possible for more than one consortia to be formed from the interested parties, and more than one submission made to deliver a proposal. Projects are envisaged to be of such size and value that not all proposals can be funded.

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