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2019-08-22. Wilhelm van Schaik Innovation Handling We participated in the EMPIR Call 2014 with Project:
Metrology for humidity at high temperatures and transient conditions

With sound we measure the humidity in air, but it is also possible to measure the humidity in several plastic materials and coherent substances e.g. in the food industry like potatoes, cheese, meat, pasta's etc. Also, can it be used for compound materials like paper, cardboard, chemicals with water content and materials with a clear texture like wood.
Most measurements will need a calibration against a reference material.
The measurement method for humidity in bulk material is very fast and accurate it can be used for inline process control.

To realise the measurements, we developed the needed electronics, the embedded and application software.
2019-06-27. Denis Smorgon Thermodynamics Primary D/F point generator from -75 C to 85 C with published CMC
Primary D/F point generator from -100 C to 95 C capability, with pressure range between 200 hPa to 1500 hPa in the range 0 Cfp to -100 Cfp

2 x 2P-2T relative humidity generator. 10 %rh to 95 %rh with air temperature within -10 C to 70 C (published CMC).

thermostatic chamber -70 C to 180 C

For moisture measurements in solid:
Thermobalance (Loss on drying method)
Coulometric Karl Fischer titrator (KF C30 Mettler Toledo)
Coulometric evolved Water vapor analyzer (WDS400 Sartorius)

3 cells for conditioning samples with saturated salt solutions method

We are interested in hosting an RMG to offer expertise/training in moisture
measurement methods.

No experience in soil moisture measurements.
We are interested in characterizing moisture in solid materials (wood,
paper, salt)
2019-06-26. Peter Rothmund Justervesenet Moisture - no facility today but several stakeholders in the wood construction industry that are interested in traceable measurement

Inner chamber design - experience from RMG in HUMEA 1 and interested in further development and extended measurement range for Justervesenet

Dew point generator - Wants to build a simple version of a single pressure dewpoint generator in the range from -80 C dp to +20 C.
2019-06-19. SEMIR COHODAREVIC Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina We have setups for Dew-point and Relative Humidity sensor calibration with follwing capabilities:
Humidity. Dew-point meter, -40 C to 0 C, Absolute expanded uncertainty (k = 2, level of confidence 95 %) in K: 0.11, 1-P primary humidity generator

Humidity. Dew-point meter, 0 C to 20 C, Absolute expanded uncertainty (k = 2, level of confidence 95 %) in K: 0.09, 1-P primary humidity generator

Setup for calibration of Humidity. Relative humidity sensors, with CMC for 10 %rh to 95 %rh, Absolute expanded uncertainty (k = 2, level of confidence 95 %) in %rh: 2.3, Calibration by comparison, Ambient temperature: 20 C to 24 C

We have experience in project management and coordination too.

We want to establish our capabilities in moisture in materials measurements.
2019-06-13. EVMORFIA KOKKINI NQIS/Hellenic Institute of Metrology N.Q.I.S./EIM operates a primary dew point generator in the range from -30 C to 80 C. We have published CMCs in KCDB for the corresponding range. Also, N.Q.I.S/EIM operates a Thunder Scientific humidity generator and several dew point hygrometers. The published CMCs in KCDB for relative humidity sensors cover the range from 10 %rh to 95 %rh with air temperature from 10 C to 70 C.
2019-06-12. Danijel Sestan Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture - primary dew-point generators covering the range from -70 C to 70 C
- CMCs published in the KCDB for calibration of dew-point hygrometers in the range from -70 C to 20 C
- reference dew-point hygrometers MBW 373L and 373LHX, covering range from -80 C to 95 C
- several setups for calibration of relative humidity instruments
- experience in computer programming
- experience in numerical simulations in Comsol
2019-06-09. Slavica Simic Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals -DMDM Serbia has capabilities and facilities for relative humidity and dew point measurement, as well as moisture measurement in seeds. For more details, see . From previous HUMEA project, DMDM has positive experience and definitely significant shift as an emerging country in capacity building in research. That are the reasons that DMDM want to follow HUMEA 2 and make more and better improvement in capacity and facility in topic.

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