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2019-08-31. BeJimmieRenAW BeJimmieRen BeJimmieRen Syria
2019-08-29. BeJimmieRenAW BeJimmieRen BeJimmieRen Syria
2019-06-24. Vladimir Dikov Bulgarian Institute of Metrology (BIM) BIM has expirience with mass standards calibration in the range 1 mg – 20 kg using both direct comparison and subdivison method.
Since 2013 we have more accurate comparators in the ranges 1 mg - 5 g (d= 0,0001 mg) and 2 kg - 50 kg (d= 0,001 mg), and higher accuracy class mass standards (E2) in the range 2 kg - 50 kg. As a result our measurement capabilities are much better than our published CMCs so we would like to submit the better ones.
For the direct comparison method we have a software developed in the laboratory, which allows the process from the calibration to generating and printing the calibration certificates to be fully automated. We are planning to adapt the software in order to use it for the subdivison method as well.
This project would be very useful especially in terms of developing an EURAMET guide on calibration of E1 mass standards by subdivision method, providing a unified approach. Up to now we have been using a booklet with matrices and schemes.
2019-06-18. Zoltan Zelenka BEV BEV has experience in the realization of the mass scale using subdivision. Currently various measurement design schemes are in use and some mathematical models to evaluate the data.
BEV can develop software (Microsoft Excel, C# or can try to do so using Python).
2019-06-14. Mieke Coenegrachts SMD SMD mass calibration laboratory is equiped with 5 robotical and automatic mass comparators whic are used to perform calibrations in the range 1 mg - 1 kg. We plan to extend our capability in the range 5 kg -20 kg and improve our uncertainties in the whole range. Therefore we would be interested in joining the project both for experimental work related to validation and test of new schemes and theoretical developments related to uncertainty estimations. We are developing a Bayesian approach of our uncertainty budget when possible and we would like to apply what we learn so far for our mass measurement. In order to do so, we will articulate our work with the project EMUE, of which we are part of, and which purpose is to provide examples of uncertainty budget, the mass case in a Bayesian form is treated.

2019-06-12. Šejla Ališić Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina Laboratory of IMBiH has accurate weighing instruments / comparators for dissemination of mass from 1 mg up to the 50 kg. Currently, we perform method of direct comparison but we have necessary equipment and standards of 1 kg E0 for realization of the mass scale with high accuracy. There is a lack of techniques and experience which will provide reliable dissemination of national mass scale. Also, there is a need for better procedures for mass scale realization and for maintenance of the tractability. IMBiH was submitter of this RPT project and participation in project will be very useful for us.
2019-06-12. Pekka Neuvonen Justervesenet JV has automated weighing instruments from 1 mg to 50 kg, experience from subdivision and direct comparison methods, and in-house developed mathematical tool for subdivision method.
2019-06-09. Dragan Pantic Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals As an one of submitter of the selected topic in mass research I am registering to participate on partnering meeting before finale joint research project proposal. In this project , Serbia is going to be a contractual partner inside consortium and one of WP leader based on negotiation of project activities. For more details, about budget, man/month, etc we can negotiation on meeting.
2019-06-06. Andrea Malengo INRIM INRIM has a consolidated experience in the realization of the mass scale and in the evaluation of the associated uncertainties.
Ability to develop softwares applied to metrology.
Organization of training courses on mass metrology

2019-05-30. Bianka Mangutova-Stoilkovska Ministry of economy-Bureau of metrology Dissemination of the mass scale is one of the most important tasks in mass metrology, that provides the calibration of weights of any nominal value covering multiples and sub multiples of the kilogram. This type of special calibration can be basically carried out in our NMI, because in mass laboratory, we can calibrate weights by direct comparison. We are sufficiently well equipped to perform realization of the mass scale, but due to the lack of techniques and experience, participation in that project will be very useful for us.
2019-05-29. Jaroslav Zůda CMI Experience with subdivision methods, use of different software for calibration results, range for calibration 1 mg - 10 kg for class E1.

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