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2020-06-29. Christian DAVIET AIR LIQUIDE Dear Shanna SCHÖNHALS,

I'm pleased to ask for registration to the Partnering Meeting i25.
As a gas company producing gas for metrology and industry, we are interested in the "SmartCom II - Enabling the adoption of digital calibration certificates in metrology and industry" subject.

Please let me know the contact and agenda details in order to participate this Partnering Meeting tomorrow and/or coming Wednesday.

Hoping this request will arrive not too late.

Kind regards

Christian Daviet
Analysis, Fine Chemistry & Engineering Group
Laboratory Analysis & Specialty Gases Pole Manager

Innovation Campus Paris
1 chemin de la Porte des Loges
BP 126 - Les Loges-en-Josas
78354 Jouy-en-Josas - France

Mobile: +33 (0)6 14 41 23 12
2020-06-26. Marc, E. HIMBERT CNAM (LCM LNE-CNAM) CNAM is a DI in the framework of Franch metrology, coordinated by LNE. In fact Cnam has a joint laboratoiry with LNE, called LCM. SO our appliance and interest in this SRT is closely connected with the one of LNE, which we entirely share projects with.

We may offer to the project some experience and examples of calibration activities at the highest accuracy level (the laboratory is self-declared according to ISO 17025 fram) in several fields.
We may provide also a strong link to the french accreditation body (COFRAC) as the Cnam representative chairs the Laboratory section (2000 accredited entities in calibrating or testing) of COFRAC. (to investigate or probe largely practices and expectations).

However, due to other multile technical engagments, the whole contribution of France will be strictly limited.
2020-06-26. Michèle DESENFANT LNE LNE expresses its interest in joining the project i25: DCC is an important challenge for our laboratory that is involved in research in metrology but has also 24 calibration accreditations ISO 17025 and a training center in metrology.
2020-06-26. Anders Brusch DFM As the national NMI, DFM is invested in developing digital solutions for the future and this will be a particular focus point in our forthcoming 4 year government funding.
With more than 1600 certificates last year, we also have a strong incentive to support our clients with more modern solutions for handling calibration certificates. The need for this type of solution has also been stressed by one of the biggest companies in the country during the formulation of the priorities for the next 4 years.
Through our participation in TC-IM we are also connected to the effort.
DFM would suggest a budget of 60.000 € for our participation in the project. The responsible for DFM's participation is my colleague David Balslev-Haarder, who is currently on vacation. He is also our representative in TC-IM.
2020-06-26. George Florian POPA INM - National Institute of Metrology
2020-06-24. Dobre Miruna SMD SMD is interested in collaborating mainly in the development of real examples and their implementation together with our stackeholders. We foreseen the implementation in 3 legal metrology related fields: volume measurement (fuel pumps), length measurement (road tax) and mass (pre-packaging control).
2020-06-15. Maria Nieves Medina CEM Within the need for digital transformation in the metrological field, CEM is especially interested in the digitization of certificates. We are already involved in this issue as an important part of our internal digitalization plan. We have participated in seminars related to this issue and we also participate in the "Metrology Cloud" project.
2020-06-03. JOAO ALVES SOUSA IPQ Due to lack of available funds (commitment) we had to opt for other projects in many areas, but were disappointed for not joining this project on “Digital calibration certificates”.
However, now that the list of SRT has become available the situation has changed. Some of the projects in other domains (e.g., mass, optics, etc.) did not make it to SRT and there are funds available to be involved in other projects. In fact, having been asked by MSU on projects we would consider a priority to be involved in, we have mentioned this project on digital calibration certificates (DCC).
Therefore, I would like to formally express our interest in joining the consortium of the project, and to the best of our ability to contribute to the JRP. We are involved in project #1448 on DCC (TC-IM) with Sascha Eichstaedt and have published some work on the topic (CIM 2019). This will be a good opportunity to build on that and continue research in this field.

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