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2020-07-02. Kortaberria Gorka TEKNIKER Dear coordinator,

My name is Gorka and I would like to show our interest as stakeholders in this SRT.

We already have an going additive manufacturing research line and we are facing the manufacturing aeronautic components by customized processes and machines.

Moreover, we have expertise in Metrology for geometric part form and surface inspection.

Thus we understand that we could contribute in the initial step of the project where industrial specifications are compiled. Our interest would be to have free access to deliverables and project outcome.

We could also talk about the possibility a real demonstrator in our facilites if it suits to our demands.

I know that the bid partnering has already been hold but I encourage you to contact us in case you consider interesting our potential collaboration.

Best regards,

2020-06-25. Caroline Vienne CEA List Expertise :
- XCT metrology (member of EMPIR projects AdvanCT and NanoXSpot)
- XCT for AM (involved in NDT evaluation of AM parts and process in H2020 projects Integradde, LEE-BED and DIMOFAC)
Experience in measuring AM specimen (lattice structures, porosity detection in walls, ...) and member of the french "Additive Factory Hub"

Facilities :
- 225 kV X-ray microfocus tube + 200 µm flat panel detector
- CIVA simulation software (RT/CT modeling, import of CAD models)
- access to different AM machines used at CEA : 3 Laser Powder Bed Fusion industrial machines + An Electron Beam Fusion system + 2 Fused Deposition Modelling 3D printers
2020-06-24. Benjamin Bircher Federal Instiute of Metrology METAS Expertise:
- Coordinate metrology for precision parts using tactile CMMs and X-ray computed tomography (XCT)
- XCT metrology (EMPIR AdvanCT and NanoXSpot)
- XCT for additive manufacturing (H2020 MANUELA), including preliminary studies on AM powder characterisation, defect characterisation and dimensional measurements on AM parts

- Home-built high-resolution metrology CT system
- Ultra-precision tactile µCMM
- Tactile surface profiler for roughness measurements
2020-06-22. Stefan Grottker Fraunhofer IAPT The Fraunhofer IAPT (Institute for additive production technologies) develops technologies and methods to qualify additive manufacturing for industrial application.
Thanks to many years of experience in AM and a wide range of in house available machines and devices, the Frauhofer IAPT can contribute different elements to the project:
- AM machines of different sub-categories: L-PBF, DED, SLS, Binder Jetting, EBM, etc.
- Post-Processing: eroding, sandblasting, stress relief heat treatment
- In-Process sensors: meltpool emissions, structured light topology, OCT, thermography, high speed cameras, etc.
- Post-process part assessment: microsections (microscopic), 3D-topology (Laser scanning microcope), penetration testing, roughness (perthometer, 3D-microscopy, Laser scanning microscope), geometry (3D-lasertriangulation, CMM), etc.
- design of specimens
- capability to produce realistic part defects on purpose
- participation in AM-stadardization-commitees
- knowledge of industrial needs
2020-06-18. Antti Lassila VTT GE phantom xCT
Several metal AM printers
Large selection of high accuracy dim. metrology tools.
Member of AdvanCT, MetAMMI, NanoXspot consortiums.
2020-06-18. Fabricio Borges de Oliveira Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt - Expertise in coordinate metrology using tactile, optical and computed tomography systems
- Experience in measuring AM-Parts using computed tomography
2020-06-16. Ulrich Neuschaefer-Rube PTB Capabilities:
Experience in uncertainty determination and in accuracy enhancement of CT measurements.
Strongly involved in standardisation regarding induatrial CT

Member of the consortium of the completed EMPIR project MetAMMI

Coordinator of the running EMPIR project AdvanCT

Facilities: Nikon MCT225 CT system, a lot of CMMs for reference measurements

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