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Submit Date Name Organisation Statement of capabilities/facilities
2020-09-09. Andrés Alayón Glazunov University of Twente • Extensive experience on OTA characterization of antennas and wireless devices (passive and active) for cellular, automotive, and IoT applications.
• Extensive experience on channel modeling and measurement;
• Extensive experience with measurement of mobile communication performance;
• Fully anechoic chamber;
• VIRC and classical RC chambers;
• Extensive experience from collaborative projects with industry on OTA, antenna design, propagation channel measurements and modeling, electromagnetic theory, etc
• Acquired several H2020 research project grants in the past 3 years (2 x ITN, 1 x RISE, 1 x EUREKA)
• Vector Network Analyzers;
• Vector Signal Generators;
• Vector Signal Analysis (ADCs/Oscilloscope);
• EM-CAD simulation capabilities of antennas, arrays, RF systems
2020-08-04. Vladimir Skliarov NSC-IM The possibilities for carrying out the proposed works are guaranteed by the presence the National measurement standards in NSC-IM:
Power of electromagnetic oscillations in waveguides in frequency range 37.5 GHz – 178 GHz;
Power of electromagnetic oscillations in coaxial lines in the frequency range from 0.03 to 18 GHz;
Unit of electromagnetic field strength in frequency range from 9 kHz to 43 GHz;
Deviation of frequency modulated (FM) fluctuations.

Vector Network Analyzer;
Vector Signal Generator;
Vector Signal Analysis (ADCs/Oscilloscope);
Spectrum analyzer up to 43 GHz;
Noise measurements;
Probe stations up to 50 GHz;
GTEM cell dc-20 GHz;
Fully anechoic chamber for EMC test, antenna measurements up to 43 GHz (min);
Workstation desktop PCs for signal generation.
EM-CAD simulation capabilities of antennas, arrays, RF systems;
Channel modeling experience and possibility to setup channel measurement;
Antenna and propagation metrology. Active (passive) antenna calibration.
2020-07-03. Frederic Pythoud METAS Capabilities:
- Large experience with measurement of mobile communication
- Large experience with protection agains non-ionizing radiation
- EMC chamber for experimental tests (10m x 7.2 m x 6.5 m)
- Home made software for decoding 4G
- 5G generator (below 6 GHz)
- 5G measuring systems (below 6 GHz)

Human Ressources
- 3 persons with a total capacity of about 20 MM for the project

2020-07-01. Thomas Eriksson Chalmers Vector Network Analysers (up to 1.5 THz)
Vector Signal Generation (AWGs, DACs, etc. up to 65 GS/s)
Vector Signal Analysis (ADCs/Oscilloscope up to 240 GS/s)
Non-linear measurements
Noise measurements (flicker 1/f noise, phase noise, noise figure)
Spectrum analysis
Probe stations
Online available mm-wave testbed (up to 16 TX and 9 RXs, 1 GHz analog BW, 28-31 GHz) Search for "dpdcompetition" for details
Online available PA characterisation testbed
Search for "dpdcompetition rfweblab" for details
FPGAs w. multiple DACs/ADCs
Anechoic chambers/Antenna test facilities
Microwave components

DSP - Signal generation and analysis for hardware constrained communication capabilities
2020-06-26. Nuno Carvalho Instituto de Telecomunicacoes - Universidade de Aveiro • Different microwave components,
• Vector signal generator and AWG (up to 86GHz),
• Vector signal analyser (up to 86GHz),
• Vector network analyser from 10MHz to 110GHz connected with a Probing station,
• PNA-X for nonlinear charcaterization
• Spectrum Analyser until 80GHz,
• Anechoic chamber from 200MHz to 100GHz,
• Workstation desktop PCs for signal generation, including licences ADS, CST and MATLAB.
2020-06-26. Fredrik Harrysson RISE Capabilities and facilities:
- Semi-anechoic chambers for EMC test and OTA test capable of handling sub-systems as well as -large vehicles
- Fully anechoic chamber for EMC test, antenna measurements or OTA test
- Reverberation chambers of various sizes for EMC test and OTA test capable of handling smaller devices and complete vehicles
- Various test equipment (VNAs, Spectrum analysers, Base station emulators, Channel emulator up to 6 GHz, etc) with capabilities to measure frequencies up to 100 GHz and generate signals up to 40 GHz with additional spot frequencies up to and above 100 GHz
- EM-CAD simulation capabilities of antennas, arrays, RF systems, with human body models for RF exposure.
- Channel modelling experience and possibility to setup channel measurement
- Experience from collaborative projects with industry on evaluating various OTA methods, antenna design, propagation measurements and modelling, electromagnetic theory, EMC, RF exposure, etc
2020-06-24. Ville Viikari Aalto University Measurement technique development for active antennas:
-Beam testing with sparse multi-probe systems with adaptive sampling
-Active antenna calibration algorithm development
-SAR (specific absorption rate) testing with sparse phantom probing or indirectly without probing
-PD (power density)
We collaborate with Nokia in lab and production testing of active antennas.
2020-06-24. Fan Wei Aalborg University Capabilities:

1) over-the-air testing of multi-antenna systems under fading channel conditions
2) over-the-air testing of RF and antenna systems
3) sub-6GHz and mmWave plane wave generator

1) antenna measurements up to 110 GHz, including spherical near field far field measurement system, compact range system, and far-field measurement chamber
2) 64 channel and 16 channel mmWave AiP with controllable phase and amplitude for each branch
2020-06-24. Tian Hong Loh NPL Expertise:
- 5G testbed development
- 5G signal generation & analysis
- MIMO systems and OTA measurements
- Antenna calibration
- Free-field wireless communication characterisations
-Antenna and propagation metrology
- Small and smart antenna metrology
- MIMO OTA metrology
- Software Defined Radios
- Measurement uncertainty propagation algorithms
- Primary national standards providing SI traceability for S-parameters, Power, Noise measurement to 110 GHz
- EM modelling capability

-VST (Sub-6GHz)
- VSG (Sub-6GHz)
-VSA (Sub-6GHz)
- VNA (up to 750 GHz, extendable for X-parameters to 65 GHz)
- Spectrum Analyser (up to 26.5 GHz)
- AWG (up to 120 GSa/s)
- DRTO (12 GHz)
- LO/RF Synthesizer (up to 50 GHz)
- Digitizer (baseband up to 1.5 GHz)
- Amplifiers (up to 18 GHz)
- Reference Gain Antennas (up to 110GHz)
- 5G MIMO testbed (Sub-6GHz and mm-wave at 26-30 GHz)
- Isotropic Field Probe (Sub-6G)
- Spherical near field capability up to 110 GHz
2020-06-24. Akram Alomainy Queen Mary University of London Antenna & Electromagnetics Research Group (AERG) at QMUL is considered one of the top Antennas and EM research activities hub in the UK and Europe. With an active grant portfolio of above £8.5m in the last 5 years (These represent several leading research areas of national strategic importance) which includes an EPSRC Platform Grant (Antennas for Healthcare and Imaging—£1m) and Programme Grant (QUEST—£4.7m) simultaneously. In recognition of its achievements QMUL has been able to support the group through CIF investment of £1m in refurbishment of the Antenna Measurement Laboratory and the establishment of a new Terahertz Laboratory. It has enabled QMUL to continue to claim that the Antenna Measurement Laboratory is one of the most comprehensive in a European University covering frequencies from 10 MHz to 3 THz including also the recently established TERRA small strategic equipment epsrc funded facility costing £1.3m to support THz antennas and devices fabrication and characterisation.
2020-06-21. Domenico Capriglione University of Cassino and Southern Lazio The research group belongs to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information "Maurizio Scarano" of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (ITALY), among which we find scientists in following Sectors: Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical and Electronic Measurements, Information Processing Systems, Telecommunications.
Main test facilities and instrumentation available:
Spectrum Analyzers (up to 8 GHz)
Vector Signal Analyzers and Real-time Spectrum Analyzers (up to 14 GHz)
Fading Generators
EMI Receivers (up to 26 GHz)
Measurements Antennas (up to 18 GHz)
EMF probes and Antennas for RF human exposure evaluation (up to 7.5 GHz)
EMC measurements (conducted and radiated)
Test site: Shielded and Semi-Anechoic Chamber for EMC full compliance 3 meters-distance measurements (up to 18 GHz)

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