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2020-06-29. Carlos L. Garrido Alzar LNE-SYRTE Primary time-frequency standards (microwave, optical). Microwave atomic clock with magnetically trapped atoms at a fractional frequency instability around 10^-13 t^-1/2, operating close to the Standard Quantum Limit (SQL). Platform for engineering entangled and spin squeezed states on compact trapped-atom microwave clocks.

2020-06-29. Jérôme Lodewyck LNE-SYRTE Strontium optical lattice clocks with a non-destructive detection system
2020-06-24. Piet Schmidt Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) We can offer:
* quantum logic techniques
* implemented Molmer-Sorensen gate between two Ca+ ions with 95% fidelity
* Ca+ optical clock operation
* multi-ion Ca+ clock using dynamical decoupling
* access to absolute frequency references at PTB and Si-cavity-stabilised laser
2020-06-23. Gianluca Bertaina INRiM I am a computational physicist, expert in quantum Monte Carlo methods applied to the study of the equilibrium and spectral properties of many-body systems such as cold atomic bosons or fermions. I also have experience in semiclassical methods for the evaluation of molecular vibrational spectra and in the numerical evaluation of the inverse Laplace transform.

I typically use high performance computing facilities to perform massively parallel simulations. My languages of choice are Fortran, Mathematica and Python.

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