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2019-06-05. Vito Fernicola INRIM INRIM has a leading position among European NMIs for humidity and moisture metrology. It has a well-established experience in the development of primary humidity generators, humid gas calibration facilities, relative humidity and water activity measurements. The humidity standards at INRIM includes two primary humidity generators which cover the dew/frost point temperature range between -80 C and +95 C at atmospheric pressure and a new calibration facility which operates down to -100 C between the atmospheric pressure and 20 kPa. INRIM has a vast experience in the realization of industrial portable humidity generators up to 70 C dew point and 1 MPa absolute pressure.

INRIM could design and build a transportable primary humidity generator (T-PHGs) to realize highest possible humidity standard on-site at spectroscopic laboratories for accurate measurements of H2O line parameters.

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