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2019-06-24. Noelle GOGNEAU Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies (C2N-CNRS) The C2N-CNRS-France can contribute to the project following two main axis:
1- The C2N has a strong expertise in growth by epitaxy of III-V (Ga(In)As, InP, GaP), III-Nitrides (Ga(In)N, Ga(Al)N) and SiGe Nanowires, as well as in their structural characterizations. This expertise, recognized nationally and internationally, allows us to control the synthesis of these NWs with especially diameters lower than 100 nm (in the 20-100 nm range) and different n- or p-doping levels.
2- The C2N has also a know-how in terms of NW characterization (single NWs and ensemble of NWs), especially optical characterization by cathodoluminescence, and electrical characterization by EBIC, as well as piezoelectric characterizations by using an AFM equipped with a homemade modified Resiscope module (with GeePs Lab, France).
C2N facilities: C2N hosts a clean room dedicated to micro and nanofabrication processes, to the epitaxy and the characterization of materials (with notably EBIC and CL equipments).
2019-06-24. François PIQUEMAL LNE LNE is a French National Metrology Institute and an internationally recognized testing laboratory. Within the framework of LNE-Nanotech institute, dedicated to metrology at the nanoscale, LNE develops capabilities to insure traceable measurements of dimensional, electrical and thermal quantities at the nanoscale. For SRT-G13, the proposed contribution is based on SPM methods:
- Metrological AFM for the traceability of dimensional measurements at the nanoscale
- Combining AFM and SEM for measuring the main dimensional characteristics of a nano-object in 3D.
- Scanning Microwave Microscope techniques for doping concentration, capacitance or dielectric permittivity;
- Conductive AFM techniques based on Resiscope for I – V characteristics and conductivity;
- SThM techniques for measuring the thermal conductivity
2019-06-21. José PENUELAS INL - CNRS Epitaxial III-V nanowires on silicon substrate.
We can grow vertical GaAs, GaP and GaAsP nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy using the vapor-liquid-solid method with Ga as catalyst. The doping is controlled by incorporation of foreign element during the growth. Core-shell heterostructure are well controlled. The geometry of the nanowires (length, diameter) and their density can be tuned in a certain extent.
Patterned growth is achieved by e-beam lithography and/or nano-imprint lithography.
2019-06-19. Frédéric Houzé GeePs Instrumental development ("Resiscope" device) and specific methods for wide-range resistance/current measurements within AFM real-time imaging and I-V spectroscopic conditions : up to 11 decades for resistance, from 1E2 to 1E13 Ohms for a tip/sample DC bias of 1V - state of the art, 20-years expertise. Specific adaptation for output voltage measurements on arrays of vertical piezo NWs (coll. with C2N Lab)
2019-06-19. Uwe Brand PTB Indentation of micro- and nanopillars with MEMS indenter in the nN force range
2019-06-18. Markys Cain Electrosciences Ltd We are a current partner on the EMPIR ADVENT project. Expertise and interests in measurement tools development of advanced functional materials - piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics. Development of specialist measurement apparatus for scale testing of devices and possible ways of accelerating throughput. Linking functional response to in situ, in operando X-Ray synchrotron diffraction and related spectroscopies. Energy harvesting at the micro and nanoscale requires specialist knowledge of how properties scale with size and frequency. Modelling response also becomes important.

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