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Submit Date Name Organisation Statement of capabilities/facilities
2020-07-02. Richard Koops VSL
2020-06-26. Emmanuel Nolot CEA Leti Large R&D cleanroom facility @ CEA Leti
Top class Nanocharacterization platform
Metrology of optical index using spectroscopic ellipsometers, both in the line (spectral range 0.7 to 6.6 eV) and in the lab (spectral range from UV 150 nm to IR 30 µm), with determination of the instrumental function (even for inline tools)
Metrology of refractive index using M-line system with accuracy < 0.0015
Metrology of optical constant using R&T spectrophotometry (spectral range 190 nm - 2µm).
In operando analysis (reflectometry analysis on PECVD tool for optically-driven applications)

Capability to produce and characterize, and interest in (in the frame of this project):
GaN and related III-N materials
Transparent conductive oxides
2D materials
Porous silicon
Phase change materials for advanced memory
Multilayer stacks for optical applications

Interest in :
- determination of optical index with reduced uncertainty budget
- characterization of material properties using NIR to soft X-ray
2020-06-25. Norbert Esser Leibniz-Institute for Analytical Sciences-ISAS-e.V. spectroscopic ellipsomtery from IR to VUV, reference optical data
2020-06-24. Thomas Siefke Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena Institut für Angewandte Physik The research group Microstructure Technology at the Institute of Applied Physics exhibits profound competences in the field of micro- and nano-structuring for optical applications. The research spectrum ranges from CGH, black silicon surfaces, metamaterials, and low-noise resonator components for gravitational wave detectors to VUV polarizers. To fabricate these complex nanostructures the institute possesses a comprehensive high-performance structuring technology including a unique CP-EBL, which is capable of producing large area (100cm²) samples. We offer capabilities to deposit layers of different materials (Si, SiO_2,〖Si〗_2 N_3,TiO_2, HfO_2,〖Cr〗_2 O_3,〖Ta〗_5 O_2, VO_x, Ir, Al, Cr, W,Ti,V, Ru, Zr, Au, Ag and 2D-materials) by a variety of processes (ion beam dep., thermal evaporation, atomic layer deposition). Further, there are versatile possibilities for characterization of the geometry (SEM), composition (EDX, XRD, AES, RBB) and material properties (Ellipsometry, T/R measurements).
2020-06-22. Narciso Gambacorti CEA-LETI CEA-LETI is one of the major technological research institute in Europe in the field of micro- and nano-technologies. CEA-LETI is interested in participate with his in-line metrology and off-line characterization platforms.
2020-06-21. Igor Makhotkin Univeristy of Twente X-ray reflectivity, X-ray standing waves, free-form analysis of XRR and XSW, hybrid thin film characterization, coating of test samples.
2020-06-18. Jochen Manara ZAE Bayern Long-term expertise and equipment in the field of nanomaterials and infrared-optical characterisation. This includes SEM, EDX (energy dispersive X-ray scattering), SAXS (small angle X-ray scattering) and GISAXS (grazing incidence SAXS) using soft X-rays as well as devices for performing Mueller ellipsometry, UV-, VIS and NIR spectrometry, FTIR-spectrometry using electromagnetic radiation from ultraviolet to far infrared spectral range.
Measurement and analysis of structural properties, layer thickness and optical constants of thin layers and nanofilms. Determinable optical properties are spectral reflectivity, transmissivity and absorptivity (directional and diffuse) as well as refractive index, absorption and scattering coefficient. Mathematical modelling for correlating the relevant parameters.
2020-06-17. Sven Burger JCMwave GmbH We have longstanding expertise in developing and applying mathematical / numerical methods for optical nanometrology. This includes adaptive methods for light scattering and eigenvalue problems and for solving inverse problems. In this SRT we would like to contribute especially to investigating methods for surrogate modelling, machine learning and inverse modelling, and virual measurement data generation for determination of optical constants.
2020-06-17. Bernd Bodermann PTB Optical Micro- and Nanometrology: Scatterometry, Microscopy, Mueller Ellipsometry, rig. modelling, SEM, AFM and other supplementary optical metrology, hybrid metrology, dimensional metrology for semiconductor manufacturing
2020-06-17. Bernd Bodermann PTB Optical Micro- and Nanometrology: Scatterometry, Microscopy, Mueller Ellipsometry, rig. modelling, SEM, AFM and other supplementary optical metrology, hybrid metrology

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