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2019-06-27. Orlando Teodoro FCT/UNL Dear coordinator
We are an accredited laboratory for calibration of reference leaks and vacuum gauges. We have large experience in calibration of reference leaks in a wide flow range with delivering pressures from vacuum to atmosphere. We also have background in leak testing with certified personnel by ISO 9712 level 3 (non-destructive testing, leak detection). Sensitivity tests of refrigerant leak detectors is also in our accreditation scope.
We realize that this message is being sent after the partners meeting, but if you believe that our expertise can be useful for the consortium, we will be happy to join the project application.

Orlando Teodoro
2019-06-18. Heinrich Kipphardt BAM Objective 2 (and support in Objective 3): Primary Gas mixtures and purity analysis

As additional unique measurement capabilities we offer combined Raman and NMR measurements at high pressure or even in liquified CO2.
2019-06-17. P. Alberto GIULIANO ALBO INRiM Speed of sound measurement apparatus for laboratory and in situ measurements/calibration
2019-06-17. Udo Lubenau DBI gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH Gas quality and physical properties (measurments), experience in CCS in various fields
2019-06-13. Bert Anders PTB gas quality und physical properties measurements for fuel gases
2019-06-12. Thekla Kiffmeyer PTB General Interest in the research topic
2019-06-07. Refat RAZOUK Laboratoire National de métrologie et d'Essais LNE can measure gros caloric values of gases thanks to a national reference calorimeter.
LNE can lead a workpackage.

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