EMPIR Calls in 2018

Calls for joint research in 2018 include Metrology for Health (HLT), Support for Networks (NET), Metrology Research for Pre- and Co-normative (NRM), Research Potential (RPT) and SI Broader Scope (SIB) projects following a two stage process.

Stage 1 for HLT, NET, NRM, RPT, SIB requests the contribution of Potential Research Topics (PRTs) and Potential Network Topics (PNTs). Stage 2 requests project proposals against the Selected Research Topics (SRTs) and Selected Network Topics (SNTs) that EURAMET publish following Stage 1.

EURAMET will issue a Call for Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed iMERA-Plus, EMRP and EMPIR projects on the 24 July 2018.

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  • Health: Stage 2 CLOSED
  • Support for Networks: Stage 2 CLOSED
  • Normative: Stage 2 CLOSED
  • Research Potential: Stage 2 CLOSED
  • SI Broader Scope: Stage 2 CLOSED
  • Support for Impact: Call CLOSED
  • Research Mobility Grant (RMG): Call CLOSED

For call 2018 budget and features click HERE

Support for potential proposers

For potential proposers of JRPs, JNPs or SIPs focused on documentary standards, EURAMET is offering support. This will enable you to find contacts in relevant organisations and understand the process of developing standards. For Standardisation support click HERE and for Regulation support click HERE

For SIPs focused on uptake and exploitation of research outputs by the industrial or public sector communities, EURAMET is offering support to identify appropriate exploitation routes. For impact and exploitation support click HERE

For RPTs potential proposers are encouraged to contact the facilitator to discuss their ideas before submitting PRTs and JRPs. To email the RPT facilitator click HERE

For a brief introduction to the EMPIR Call process click HERE.

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